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Ireland Experience

Ireland is a modern city full of natural wonders, ancient treasures, and vitality. Ireland is a passionate and hospitable dream, a dramatic coastline, unspoilt rural scenery, and very friendly people.

Dublin Attractions

Guinness Storehouse: Not extravagant, but the barn with its invincible scenery is at the top of the building, one of the best views in Dublin on a clear day. If you are interested in Guinness beer, Guinness world records, and the history of Guinness business, you can join their tour group. “>> Website”

Old M. Jameson Distillery: Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey founded in 1780. When visiting a winery, you will discover the secrets of three simple ingredients-how water, barley and yeast were transformed into world-famous whiskeys. “>> Website”

Trinity College: a world-famous university. Currently, the Kells book, a gospel manuscript carefully decorated by Irish monks in the ninth century, is placed there. The family of the Queen of England and Obama have also seen the exhibits. “>> Website”

Phoenix Park: The largest walled park in Europe. You can find the footprints of cute deer in different corners of the park. “>> Website”

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Ireland’s most magnificent church. “>> Website”

Grafton Street: Ireland’s most famous shopping district. “>> Website”

Attractions outside of Dublin

Carey Scenic Area: A 179-kilometer circular tourist route that allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and landscape of Southwest Ireland.
“>> Website”

Cliffs of Moher: The cliff is 214 meters high at its highest point and stretches up to 8 kilometers along the Atlantic coast. “>> Website”

Rock Castle: Architecture from the twelfth to the thirteenth century, including a round tower, a collection of Roman churches, cathedrals and castles.
“>> Website”

Glendalak: An early medieval monastery discovered in the sixth century AD. “>> Website”

Newgrange: a tomb built five thousand years ago (approximately 3,200 BC) and designated by UNESCO as one of the world’s cultural heritage. “>> Website”

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