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the weather

Most Irish legends mention the forty different shades of green that this temperate island has. Ireland’s climate is often referred to as “not too hot, not too cold”-you will find that Ireland’s climate is just right. The weather in Ireland is unpredictable. Ireland’s climate is mostly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, it does not have the extreme temperature difference that other countries have. The average temperature is 10 °C.

The main warm ocean current, known as the North Atlantic warm current, keeps the temperature of seawater moderate. The hills and mountains surrounding the coast form Ireland’s natural typhoon shelter. Therefore, despite extreme weather, extreme weather is rare.

In the spring (February to April), the average maximum temperature is 8 to 12 °C, and April is considered particularly comfortable. In summer (May-July), the average maximum temperature is between 18 and 20 °C. The hottest months, July and August, get about 18 hours of daylight, and it gets dark only after 11 o’clock.

In autumn (August to October), the maximum temperature is between 14 and 18°C. September is considered a mild month. Winter temperatures usually reach minus 12°C inland, while the coldest months are January and February. The temperature is intermittently below freezing, and except for a few freak cold waves, snow is rare.

Best time to visit Ireland

In fact, there can never be a “perfect time” to visit Ireland. Summer is considered to be the season with the highest number of tourists. For long days and short holidays, tourists dine in the outdoor coffee shop in a park full of flowers. Of course, in the summer, there are various festivals in every corner of the island.

Autumn and spring are non-busy tourist seasons. You can take a walk in the autumn leaves and enjoy autumn. Spring is a good season to see flowers blooming in the park. As for winter, if you can take a walk in the national park on a sunny winter day, you can experience an impressive natural landscape.

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